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I'm the left bar, and I haven't found my purpose yet. Maybe I'll be gone quite soon. It was nice to know you

Hi there! Nice to see you around :)

Let me tell you what this is all about: When we are at home we enjoy all the comforts that it offers: Maybe a car, our own room, lots of space for all our stuff, hot water. A nice kitchen. The company of friends and family. A good knowledge of our surroundings. We know what's going on in politics. Except for when we are at work, whatever that might be, we can basically lean back, relax and enjoy life. We can watch Netflix, go on daytrips or read a book. On the weekend, we can go partying, and a few times a year we can go on vacation. It is all very easy, cosy and predictable. And one day, we might wake up and suddenly realize that our life has become dull and we might wonder if there may not be more to life than what we've experienced so far. And believe me there is! If we truly want to know what life offers, we must leave home and go on an adventure. But beware, it's addictive! If you found this blog because you met me on one of my journeys, these are probably no news to you. But if you are sitting at home right now, and if you're ready for a break in you're life, if you're ready to risk a thing or two, to experience things you've never even heard of before, if you just finished school and are now considering whether you wanna study, but are not really sure what or even what for, then, my friend, I urge you to travel. To travel far, far away, to a land you've never seen before. A place, that offers new thrills to your senses, a place, that will show you different cultures, and put life as you know it into an entirely different perspective! Because out there, on the road, in between jobs and hostels and countries, you will find people with stories, ambitions, struggles and ideas that will be like a fresh wind in your slightly dusty sails. Because behind all the problems you get properly informed about through the news, you're daily struggles and the curtains of your current belief system there lies a truly amazing world. Many worlds, maybe. Go out there and explore, and if you come back one day, something inside you will have shifted. You'll see things differently and probably more accurately. In one year abroad you can grow more than in ten years at home. Start now. Book a flight. Leave. The rest will work itself out

Over time, I hope to offer you a first glimpse of all that is out there on this website. Feel free to see what's there already

Navigation and How-to

Let me tell you how to use this website, so that you learn where the interesting stuff is going on!

The heart of this site is the "Stories" section. That is where, over time, you will find inspirational stories of all kinds from many different people and me, ordered by 'genre'

Also interesting, the "Blog" part. I'm not always travelling, and even if I do, there's not always something special happening. And it is very important to me, that I don't bore my readers with everyday stuff, because that's not what this site is about. So expect few, but interesting posts

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A picture of myself

Hi there! My name is Matthias vom Bruch. My long-term plan is to get whatever is required to live the life of a digital nomad. In short, that means to travel a lot. I am from Germany, which is why you will probably find quite a few clumsy expressions in my writing. Sorry about that

One thing I like best about traveling is to meet other people, who can tell great stories about their lifes, that really get you to think about the possibilities waiting out there! Before I travelled, I thought so many things were not possible, that I now have seen people do!

Also, I like sharing my own stories and seeing how they affect other people's lifes, hopefully and most likely to the better!

So this site will be my storytelling homebase, my hord of exciting facts and tales about this world. And I want as many people out there to participate, to join in and share what gets (or got) their hearts racing! From their best (special) day-trips to the most uncommon and genious life-plan they might have come up with. Join me in revealing the unexplored life-paths out there! We are people of one world, not of many countries