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I'm the left bar, and I haven't found my purpose yet. Maybe I'll be gone quite soon. It was nice to know you

This is where I'll keep you posted!

some time in 2017

Plans and progress

This is my second blog post. Not much has changed for you to see on this website. I'm still working behind the scenes, trying to figure out how to manipulate WordPress's themes. I learned a lot, but there's still more I need to understand before I can make it truly my own. For example I can't get it do display quotation marks in a HTML consistend way.

So in the meantime I have learned a lot about HTML and am getting into PHP now. That should be all I need. What HAS changed is that I'm writing a piece about my year in Australia. It has been long overdue for me to do that, since even many of my closest contacts do not yet know too much about what happened there. The page is being updated as I go and can be found in the Stories-Section within Other, or just here.

Also, this Website is part of a much larger project that I'm working at. I want to become a Digital Nomad. So I'm also starting a lot of things that I hope will help me achieve this. Like learnig Spanish and Mandarin, starting my first business, doing some social networking, reading everything that might help me and writing on something that might become a book. And I gotta do some stuff for Uni, too...

So I got a long way to go, but things get moving now, and I'm excited about it!

A picture of myself

Hi there! My name is Matthias vom Bruch. My long-term plan is to get whatever is required to live the life of a digital nomad. In short, that means to travel a lot. I am from Germany, which is why you will probably find quite a few clumsy expressions in my writing. Sorry about that

One thing I like best about traveling is to meet other people, who can tell great stories about their lifes, that really get you to think about the possibilities waiting out there! Before I travelled, I thought so many things were not possible, that I now have seen people do!

Also, I like sharing my own stories and seeing how they affect other people's lifes, hopefully and most likely to the better!

So this site will be my storytelling homebase, my hord of exciting facts and tales about this world. And I want as many people out there to participate, to join in and share what gets (or got) their hearts racing! From their best (special) day-trips to the most uncommon and genious life-plan they might have come up with. Join me in revealing the unexplored life-paths out there! We are people of one world, not of many countries