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Why travel?

What is so amazing about traveling? Why do so many people love it? Which different ways of traveling are there? How to get the trip that you wanted? Continue here...

Adventure Stories (nothing here yet)

Have you ever been woken up by a bear who had just destroyed all your supplies and was now showing signs of curiosity about the nutritiousness of the insides of your tent whilst camping in Siberia? Did you ever get lost in the wilderness and found back into civilization only days later? Any other crazy experience?

Mind-Blowing (nothing here yet)

Have you ever met somebody, who casually told you he did something you thought was impossible? Been in an absolutely non-believable situation? These are stories about such moments

Awesome Lifeplans (nothing here yet)

Ever met someone who was training monkeys to steel is daily groceries? Are you planning to start a health center for dogs specialising in psychology? Did you have success with something everbody told you to stay away from? Others have, too


You may not have expected to read something this heavy here, but isn't philosophy what really matters, what tells us what to do and how to act? Is it not the basis for everything and also, maybe especially, applies to traveling and how we shape our exciting world? I think so


Everything else, which I haven't found a category for, yet