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I'm the left bar, and I haven't found my purpose yet. Maybe I'll be gone quite soon. It was nice to know you

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some time in 2017

And yet another blog gets started on the internet

Hello everybody out there! I am sincerely sorry, but at this point there is absolutely nothing worth looking at on this website. I'm just getting started. This is gonna be a sort-of travel blog, but with a strong focus on encouraging people to go beyond their comfort zones, explore what's behind their home-countries' borders and news reports. Realize that the world is a paradise worth looking at. Getting their things together and start a journey. Maybe not even neccessarily a journey that will make them change location, but state of mind or social status. Whatever, get them moving, make the best of their lifes!

Check back here if you want to see if I'm making any progress.

Right now I'm trying to get WordPress to work, but as good as its reputation, as bad my first impression. Probably gotta get a big fat book on webdesign if this is supposed to go anywhere...

I mean, seriously! It is nice to have a picture of myself on the Home-Page because I think it's nice to know a face behind an otherwise fairly anonymous web-presence, but I'm not quite comfortable to have myself staring at you guys from every single place on the Website! That's just aweful! I'm not THAT pretty...

Cheers - Matthias