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Flag of Morocco

Morocco 4: Fez and Meknes

From the 26th to the 28th of August, we visited Fez and Meknes.

Fez is a large city by moroccan standards. It is well known for its tanning industry, but also craftsmanship in general.

We stayed in a nice hostel, with beautiful carpets at the walls and a with a very nice atmosphere in general. The staff was also very friendly. There was only one downside: Bed-bugs. I'm not sure if they were in the sheets, or in the sofa on which I sat for a while, but I got bitten. And, having had them once, how can you be sure that you are not carrying them with you? We could only hope for the best, and from now on, we checked the beds in every new place in which we arrived. You should do the same.

Otherwise, I believe, the story of Fez is best told in pictures:

An image of our hostel in Fez
The lobby of our hostel in Fez.
The view over Fez
The view over Fez. With a guy walking his horse.
A carpet shop in Fez
Want to buy some carpets?
Selling everything shiny and metal
Another part of the medina. Somewhat more classy this area.
Goat heads
Or, maybe, if you're hungry...
At the tanners1
Thomas and Samira have visited the tanners while I was still recovering in the hostel.
At the tanner 2
Red ink for the leather.
A guy doing something with leather?!
Not sure what exactly this guy is doing.
A weaver.
The view over Moulay Idriss
The view over Moulay Idriss with the greenish roofs of Idriss' tomb.

The next day, we visited Moulay Idriss, a famous town in which the first major Islamic ruler of Morocco ‐ Idris ‐ is buried. But his tomb is off-limits to non-muslims.

Meknes was not too special. Our personal highlight was a bakery in which we could get a large variety of pastry. We visited the market at night, which is a very crowded place with lots to see. We were looking forward to seeing the "Blue town", Chefchaouen, the next day, though!

A food stand in Meknes
A food stand on Meknes' night market.