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Morocco 7: Digital nomad style studying in the best places

Breakfast at Dar Atlas
My daily breakfast at Dar Atlas.
My daily workplace
My office in Imlil.
After Thomas and Samira had left, I went back to Imlil, to prepare for my "Data structures and algorithms" exam I had to take upon my return. I chose Imlil because I liked the tranquility, the absence of heat and the general nature around there. I stayed at Dar Atlas, a very nice guesthouse, a little off from the center of town (actually, it's in a different town than Imlil, but you won't notice unless you're told). I was there by myself, most of the time. The staff was very friendly! Mustafa ‐ I believe he is the younger brother of the owner ‐ even showed me around the area for a bit.

During the days, I often spent my time at another guesthouse/restaurant at the (main/only) street, that had a terrace with a beautiful view over the town. The perfect place to study, have some tea or lentil soup for lunch and just enjoy life. When I had enough of algorithms, I went for short hikes or went looking for mantises. And I found a few!

The view 1
The view 2
A mantis on some shrub
Found one!
Mantis front view
They look pretty crazy, don't they?
Mantis side view
Like an alien.
Pregnant mantis
This one is pregnant😄. Soon, it will place a foamy Ootheca under some rock or at a branch, which is full of dozens or hundreds of eggs!

After a couple of days in Imlil, I had to return the car, which I had not booked for the entire time. So I had to go back to the airport. The remaining week I intended to spend in Essauira, which I had also liked a lot.

There are busses running between Essauira and Marrakech multiple times a day, so it's easy to get there without a car. And that's what I did. First, I moved into a hostel inside the Medina, because I wanted to see something new. But it just wasn't very nice. No good place to work, kinda dark inside, gloomy atmosphere. So I went back into the Essauira Beach Hostel pretty quickly.

One of the first things I did was go to a supermarket and buy all kinds of food. And then I cooked a huge amount of Spaghetti. It was such a great feeling to have this massive plate of food, where I could just eat as much as I wanted, without the least fear that it would give me the shits. Which says a lot. About my fear of the shits, but also about the state of affairs in Morocco otherwise. Seriously, "clean" is a technical term over there. It's no fun at all if you're afraid of every meal!

Lunch with the hostel guests
One day, the hostel organized a free lunch for everyone in the hostel: Tajine! It was very nice ‐ to eat, and to digest.

Again, it was a really chill time. I was able to study most of the day, and if I wanted to do something else, there were plenty of options to choose from. Life at its best!

Eventually, the time came to catch a bus back to Marrakech and get on a plane back home. And then write that exam, which turned out pretty well😊. Proof that working/studying on the road works just fine.

Cheers ‐ Matthias