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Hiking around Nuremberg: Glatzenstein

A sign post
Sign posts like these, or smaller signs on trees, lead the way.
A picture of forest
Hiking through forest.

This weekend is best spent hiking, Anna and I have decided. So we looked up good hiking trails in the vicinity, found Frankenlandler's website and decided upon two of the tracks we wanted to explore. Since it's bitterly cold right now, we chose some that promised to have a lot of the walking out in the sun, so we wouldn't freeze to death in some shadowy gorge.

One of the infographics
Infographics like these are found all along the hike.
A reconstruction of a prehistoric grave.
A reconstruction of a prehistoric grave.

That's why we chose the tour around the archaeological hike around the Glatzenstein. Some prehistoric sites, including graves, have been found there and some of it has been reconstructed. However, as everything was covered in snow, we may have missed some of the details.

The hike is easily accessible since there is a parking spot right at the start of it. Want to know where? Right here!

The viewpoint
The viewpoint.
Direction on trees
Signs like these will direct you during the hike.

From there, you start a circuit that winds its way through forest and over fields up the mountain. It is very well marked, so you can't lose your way. At the top, there is a beautiful viewpoint, ideal to have a pause and a picknick. You then climb down the mountain again, going into the town of Kersbach and from there back to the car.

A muskrat
This fellow was the final highlight of the hike.

Just behind the little town, Anna spotted some animal that quickly vanished into the water. I just saw the ripples on the water's surface. We waited quite a long time to see if we could spot what it was. After a few minutes of patience, a little rodent showed itself. Well, not so small, actually! It was a muskrat that, apparently without noticing us standing just a few meters away from it, walked over the frozen little stream to its burrow. So we also saw some wildlife😀.

A picture of the way

The entire hike should take you between two and three hours, though with all our picture and video taking, we took quite a bit longer.

If you do speak German and want to get a few more details about his hike, visit Frankenlandler's blogpost about the hike which has a great description of the hike and also a map of the tour in PDF and GPX format. You can open the latter with a number of Apps to use GPS to find your way.

A rock formation
If you have been to Australia, you may be able to appreciate this😉.
Looking at Kersbach from the viewpoint.
A bent tree